Wrath of the Righteous


Mass Combat

The Knights of Kenabres head off to Drezen.

Their first sign of trouble is the ruined town of Vala’s Gift. There are no survivors and the army is wary of taking supplies from what it left. They push on to Vilareth Ford where they catch a large army of tieflings unawares.


The battle is won without casualties. The leader of the army, a small, goat-faced demon, is killed in the skirmish. Supplies are scavenged and prisoners are released. A sergeant named Kamil leads the survivors back to Kenabres.

The Knights press on, deeper into the ravine, closer to the Worldwound proper.

At Keeper’s Canyon, the trail leaves the West Sellen River and turns inland through a steep gorge left by the now dry Ahari River. Two enemy armies are found camped here. Tieflings amass on the ford and dretches skulk amongst the ruins of the city.

Again, the Knights are victorious without casualty, defeating both armies before they can act and killing their incubus commander.


The Knights start up the steep hill into the Worldwound whilst our heroes break off to investigate a temple overlooking the gorge.



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