Wrath of the Righteous


Iomedaean Rhapsody

Our newly-minted mythic heroes make their way through the deserted Grey Garrison, removing the desecrations as they go, and burying the fallen in the graveyard. Some crusaders find them and explain that the battle has been won! A mysterious flash of power turned the tide…

The party is led back to Defenders’ Hearth where they find an army has arrived led by the one and only Queen Galfrey.


The Queen knights our heroes for their services to the Crusade and grants righteous medals to each individual (with Moloch receiving two).

She then informs the group that by destroying the Wardstone fragment it destroyed all of the wardstones! Whilst the wardstones are gone, the energy released vanquished the demons present and saved legions of crusaders. Apparently not everyone thought this was the best outcome.

It appears the demons are amassing in the southern reaches of the Worldwound and have left their northern lairs unprotected. The Queen tasks the heroes the job of reclaiming the city of Drezen, which fell in the First Crusade, and to recover the Sword of Valor, a magical banner. This will bolster morale, and silence those calling the heroes traitors to the Wardstone. Erin readily accepts the challenge on the group’s behalf.

The heroes are put in charge of a small (medium in game terms) army of paladins: the Knights of Kenabres. Erin, with her military background, becomes their commander. The Queen also charges several specialist soldiers to join the army. The heroes also convince some of their allies from the past to join. The Queen heals Anevia’s lameness and cures Aravashniel’s blindness on the party’s request.



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