Wrath of the Righteous



Before heading upstairs, several of the party drink potions of invisibility, sensing the object of the mission is nearby.

The first obstacle on this floor is a fiendish minotaur with a battle horn!


The party destroy this evil, but Erin and Moloch become visible in the process. Only Enoch remains hidden.

The final chamber reveals the wardstone fragment locked in a cage guarded by a half elf / insect hybrid.


The heroes set about attacking her as Enoch sneaks past unseen and touches the rod of cancellation to the wardstone fragment. Immediately the shard explodes in a blast of golden light to the sound of an angelic choir. Pieces of wardstone fly throughout the room killing the witch guardian whilst missing the heroes completely!

The released energy is absorbed by the heroes, healing them of all ailments and causing them to glow with golden light. They stand stunned and received visions of the past:
the erection of the first Wardstone in 4639 AR with the ritual involving the Hand of the Inheritor;
the inquisition and burning of ‘witches’ lead by Hulrun in 4665 AR;
the first attack by Khorramzadeh the Storm King on Kenabres when he struck the wardstone which shattered his sword;
a vision of Irabeth and Staunton Vhane battling, with Staunton nearly killing Irabeth before escaping an approaching army on the back of a giant fly;
a demonic women with horns placing the wardstone fragment in the room with the insectoid witch and creating a magic cage around it.

The images then fade to one of a beautiful demonic women with wings, horns and glowing red eyes: Areelu Vorlesh.


She attempts to suffocate the party but fails due to the magic they have imbued.

She then spreads her arms wide, a rift tears open and babaus start to spill forth. The golden magic of the wardstone then pulses, closing the gate, and tearing into Vorlesh.


The babaus remain, normally a foe impossible for the heroes to defeat, however, the wardstone magic gives them the edge and they manage to defeat this final evil.



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