Wrath of the Righteous

Suicide Mission

Doing the Good Thing in the Face of Certain Death

Our heroes return to Defenders’ Heart with more information and hand this over to Irabeth.
They find their fellow underground travellers have been safely escorted to the tavern. After resting they are summoned to a meeting with Irabeth and a man know as Quednys Orlun, who Enoch recognises instantly.

It appears a witch called Areelu Vorleesh will be coming to Kenabres with the express purpose of corrupting a shard of the shattered wardstone with something call a Nahyndrian crystal. What this would do exactly is unknown but it would be BAD. The group are tasked with the mission of stopping her. The rest of the crusaders, along with the First Crusaders (molemen to the un-PC) will attack the cultists to create a diversion. The mission sounds impossible and will very likely result in the party’s death, but the most important thing to do is to touch a supplied Rod of Cancellation to the Wardstone shard to neutralise it’s power before the witch can turn that power to nefarious purposes. The shard is said to be held in the Grey Garrison, a former museum of the crusades.

The group agree to the mission without question, and once the battle is underway make straight for the Garrison. The guardians of the garrison turn out to be a great horror. The bodies of the city’s leader, Lord Hulrun, and the noble Nyserian have been possessed by some corpse-inhabiting demons.


The heroes fight their way in and then battle many cultists in the ground level of the Garrison. Many shrines have been fouled and atrocities committed. After an epic battle against a tiefling alchemist and cultists, a sword is found: n evil-outsider-bane longsword once owned by Irabeth which was accompanied by a note.


Moloch immediately uses the sword to great effect, carving through three demons to clear the way for the party to head upstairs.

An epic battle ensues upon the landing abive, featuring cultists, demonic flies and a schir.


After many trials, the group prevails. They search the floor and find a library containing a peryton, which they lock in. They find the stairs guarded by some zombies which are dispatched. Knowing there is no time to waste, they continue up to face greater evil.



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