Wrath of the Righteous

Templar Tracking

Rooting Out the Evil

After resting at the Defenders’ Heart, gathering some resources and a debrief with Irabeth, it is agreed that the group will attempt to track down the Templars to see if they have remained in the city. Search parties out sent out to retrieve Horgus and the Riftwarden Aravashniel.

The group starts at the herbalist shop Topaz Solutions where they quickly convince some looters to leave. In the basement they find signs of Baphomet worship. Moloch sets off a poisonous trap without too much collateral damage. Not much is found other than what the looters had taken.

Nyserian Manor is found in ruins. There is nothing left.

The Tower of Estrod is found to be standing, and occupied. A knock on the door is greeted with a grunt however the pass-phrase “I’ve new materials for the archives” grants access. The heroes are led downstairs to the leader, a tiefling with the symbol of Baphomet tattooed on his chest.


Erin offers him the opportunity to go quietly which is refused. He and his followers are dispatched without too much trouble.

A locked room reveals itself as a place of great evil. The group leave with the information and return after resting to find a shrine to Baphomet. A search of the area find some curios but, more importantly, some information about the cultist’s movements.




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