Wrath of the Righteous

The Lost Temple of Iomedae and Ragathiel

Holy Crap, that was close!

Our heroes investigate a ruined chapel dedicated to Iomedae and her champion Ragathiel.

Inside, they find all types of desecration, and fight off gargoyles before battling with ghouls and ghoulish clerics.

This then seems trivial when they then encounter a half-nabasu inquisitor flanked by more ghouls. Despite their fearsome appearance, however, this battle does not last too long.

The rest of the temple is explored and a large cache of healing potions is found: enough to supply the Knights of Kenabres with three uses each.

After some experimentation with a silenced area, the group remove the blasphemy, make some repairs, and plan to rejoin the army. After some final moments of silent reflection they are set upon by a true horror: a very angry Nabassu demon.


The party is undermanned and caught with surprise. Trapped in the silenced room, they battle their way out and start attacking. Erin almost pays the ultimate price, her life force drained away by the demon’s magic, but a final lucky shot full of Ragathiel’s righteous vengeance finishes the foul beast.



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