Wrath of the Righteous

War On Drezen

Fortune Favours the Brave

The outskirts of Drezen are surrounded by several armies. There is a schir army holding a large group of prisoners, a group of tieflings and cultists holding a stockpile of gear, and an army of ghouls in the old cemetery.

The leaders of the Knights of Kenabres decide to take on the demon army first, which they manage to defeat without casualty.


The prisoners turn out to be capable fighters, a group they dub the Knights of Paradise and appoint Irabeth as their commander. They then charge down to the Southbank to take the tieflings and cultists, with the poorly-armed rescued fighters feinting to draw attack. It’s a close thing, but the crusaders are victorious. They use the cache of healing potions and the paladins lay hands on the wounded and set up camp to take stock. At least there are weapons for the newly-formed army.



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