Devout arcanist of Iomedae


A human male of average height and slim build with indigo eyes and a shaven head. His olive skin is covered with arcane and religious tattoos, even down to his fingers and on the crown of his head. The expressive curves of his black eyebrows and aquiline nose suggest an exotic or noble heritage.

When not wearing his holy vestments, he dresses in well-made clothing of white cloth and supple white leather, trimmed with gold-coloured thread, and a crimson cloak. His haramaki, a protective waistband, is likewise white with gold thread. He wears a longsword, a battle aspergillum, and a dagger at his belt; an elven longbow and quiver of arrows over his shoulders; and a longspear from which flies a banner displaying the sword and sunburst symbol of Iomedae. The metal of his weapons is a blue-tinted steel.



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