Wrath of the Righteous

Take the Bridge

Surprise Evil Cow - MOOOOO!

During the night, the camp is attacked. The army of ghouls use the cover of darkness to launch their assault from the cemetery to the Southbank.


With the Knights of Paradise still weakened from the previous day’s battle, they go on the defensive as the Knights of Kenabres mount up and go on the attack. Fortunately, they manage to destroy the ghouls and capture the leader without further casualties.

The next morning it is found that several stores of food and water have been spoiled. No one saw it happen and it is uncertain whether it happened during the night’s confusion or whether it is sabotage. Leaving the guards on high alert, the heroes set about investigating the strange dark vault in the middle of the cemetery. It turns out to be an ossuary with a powerful undead squatter in the form of a berbalang.


They battle its incorporeal form until Enoch alerts them that its material form will be nearby. The group split and manage to overcome both its forms. They then restore the crypt as best they can, returning bones to their positions and removing the unhallowed evil that prevails in the vault.

That night, the ghosts of the fallen thank the armies for laying them to rest, boosting the morale of the fighters. A weapons repair tent is also set on fire but it’s quickly doused with magical water. There is definitely a traitor within!

The next morning, Erin addresses the crusaders, asking them to be vigilant without enacting a witch hunt and the heroes set off to take the Ahari Bridge. It’s defended by a group of tieflings, their leader being a magician of sorts, and when attacked, they attempt to tear down the bridge with beasts of burden, man-eating aurochs, tied to its pillars below.


The tieflings are quickly despatched but their leader escapes. One auroch collapses a pillar before charging off, but the others are subdued, but not before Andrei gets a surprise, finding them red-eyed and snorting, clearly corrupted by evil.



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